2019 Hawaii CyberCamps

Call for CyberCamp Intructors

​​Both the standard and advanced AFA CyberCamps are packaged as a 20-hour curriculum is designed to be completed over five days. All sessions are Monday through Friday, with a requirement that Fri​day is used as a mini-competition day.

They both come with an instructors guide and slides (with notes) to present to the class. The slides are even timed to keep you on track.

We need someone who can help with technical issues and share some real world experience to provide context to the lessons. Having someone with experience, even a year or two, can really help the students connect the dots.

If you are interested in Inspiring the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Professionals, please fill out the following form.



The following is the curriculum for the CyberCamps standard sessions held in 2018. Please note that this curriculum is not final and is subject to change.​

  • Monday - MODULE 1: Introduction to the CyberPatriot National Youth Cyber Defense Competition, cybersecurity career opportunities, cyber ethics, online safety, how computers work, virtual machines, and cyber threats​.
  • Tuesday - MODULE 2: Cybersecurity principles, basic Windows security policies and tools, account management, file protections, and auditing and monitoring. Students will follow along and work with the Windows 10 demonstration image.
  • Wednesday - MODULE 3: Introduction to Linux, Ubuntu 16 terminology and concepts, basic graphic​al user interface security, intro to command line security, and intermediate Ubuntu security. Students will follow along and work with the Ubuntu 16 demonstration image.
  • Thursday - MODULE 4: Basic command line security and intermediate Ubuntu security. Students will follow along and work with the Ubuntu 16 demonstration image.
  • Friday - MODULE 5: Mini-CyberPatriot Competition. Students will compete against their fellow campers on Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16 competition images. ​​


The Advanced Camp curriculum is designed to allow instructors to pick and choose which areas of interests their students might best learn from. There is more information made available than will fit in a four-hour camp day -- instructors have the option to pick what topics are best suited for their session. Friday must be reserved for the mini-competition.


  • Windows 10 Module -- Windows Graphical Utilities, Windows Command Line, optional Sysinternals Suite
  • Ubuntu 16 Module -- Init Systems, Advanced Command Line, Processes and Scheduled Tasks, optional Security Policies and PAM, optional Networking
  • Cisco NetAcad -- Networking Modules 1-3

Sample Schedule:

  • Monday - Cyber Ethics Module, Windows 10 Module
  • Tuesday - Windows 10 Module, Ubuntu 16
  • Wednesday - Ubuntu 16 Module ​
  • Thursday - Cisco Networking Modules 1-3
  • Friday - Mini-competition. Teams of students compete against each other on advanced Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16 images.

For more information about Advanced CyberCamps go to