Concept for Cyber Hui's New Logo

Chloe from Sacred Hearts painted this picture with water colors. It was selected to be the concept for the new logo. Below is background on her artwork.

  • Lock for security
  • The iron bar part replaced by men holding hands represents “Hui”. “Hui” contains any gender, short, tall, skinny , big and they all have different skin colors.
  • Bonded together by their one dream – securing the computers in Hawaii, or even worldwide.
  • Hibiscus is Hawaii’s state flower, it represent Hawaii. Also, the flower contains every Hawaii islands’ colors, except green.
  • Background of this flower represents sky, ocean and grassland.
  • The lock’s square portion is a puzzle; it’s connected by the codes. The puzzle is only full and complete when “Hui” stick together to secure it.
  • The phrase “CYBER SECURITY” are metallic letters which represents Hui’ s stable mind securing Hawaii’s Cyberspace.